GENIE Total Internet Security – Product Guide


Genie is the feature rich highend WiFi router which offers Networks security and Online child protection for all connected devices.

Concept is to define three base type of networks (Primary, Childsafe and guest) and apply predefined rules to provide network protection.
It exposes three separate WiFi SSIDs from the router, primary WiFi for online security, second WiFi for online child protection and third for guest. Router is preconfigured to block adult content and make Internet safer for you and your kids.

Product Features

Internet Security:

Protects your every device from phishing and malware attacks. Uses advanced DNS protection techniques to block fake websites.

Peace of mind for busy parents

Online Child Protection:

Protects your children from online adult websites and videos. Blocks access to adult sites and videos that kids might accidently visit. Router is preconfigured to start protection outofthe box. Just connect kids devices to childsafe WiFi and protection is ON.

Google and YouTube Safety:

Forces google safe search for kids. Filters out adult/mature content on google search. Kids will be able to only see childsafe videos. YouTube search will automatically block any adult videos on any device.

Guest Network Protection:

Protects your private content and devices from accessing by guest user by isolating in separate network zone. Control network bandwidth for guest by defining max network speed for guest.

Custom blocking and predefined categories:

Block custom domains/websites for every network type (primary, childsafe and guest). If you want any website to be blocked, just add to the list.

Alternatively, you/admin can block predefined categories like socialnetwork, chat, videos, games, shopping, webmail and search. On every network type(primary, childsafe and guest) different rules can be applied.

Highly customizable router:

Router is preconfigured and ready to use. You can fine tune network protection, change WiFi settings, enable/disable functionality to suite your requirements. It’s a great product to shape your network the way you want.

High end router:

300Mbps wireless speed, ideal for streaming HD Video & greatly increases wireless robustness, security and stability.

Most secured WiFi router:

Every Genie router is protected with strong and unique password for WiFi and web administrator. This protects the router from all common router attacks and in turn protects your devices.

Genie router autoupdates itself when new updates are available on our servers. Updates provides mechanism to fix any security issues, provide new functionality and performance improvements.

Strong Firewall protection to avoid any kinds of attacks from outside the network.

Wider Technology Support:

Router supports common ISP related configurations like DHCP, PPPoE, Static and few more. You can connect to your existing router/modem and get network protection to all your devices.

Supports wider network devices like laptop, desktop, Tablet, smartphones, gaming consoles, TV, Kindle, Chromecast, iPads, Network storage and more. Network protection is applied on all devices without installing any app on each of the device.

Where can GENIE be used ?

  1. Consumer home network protection to secure all your Internet activities. Protecting kids online by blocking adult/mature content.
  2. Small and medium businesses to provide content filtering for employees
  3. Schools and Universities to provide secure Internet
  4. Secured public hotspot

Hardware Specification

Chipset MT7620N
Wireless standards IEEE 802.11n,IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b
Transmission Power 802.11b 18dBm±2dBm;
802.11g 15dBm±2dBm;
802.11n 15dBm±2dBm;
Reception Sensitivity 802.11b: 90dBm@ 10% PER
802.11g: 74dBm@ 10% PER
802.11n: 68dBm@ 10% PER
Channel 113 working channel
Transmission Rate 300Mbps
Frequency 2.4GHz
Antenna 2*5dBi
high gain omnidirectional
Interface 1*DC 12V
1*10/100M Adaptive WAN Port
4*10/100M Adaptive LAN Port
Button Reset
Power Dissipation < 12W